07 Dec 2010

Our Interview with the iPhone Mom!

Violet 2 Comments

Heather, from the iPhoneMom.com, was nice enough to invite us to interview on her very popular iPhone Review website targeted at iPhone owning mom’s. Heather was interested in knowing more about who is behind the scenes at My Black Dog Books and to learn more about author/illustrator Allison Keeme and her adventures with the Violet Interactive Storybook series. In the interview we talk about our latest applications Violet’s The Night Before Christmas and how we started with the idea of Violet and her adventures.

We had a lot of fun with the questions. To see the interview click on the image above.

2 Responses to “Our Interview with the iPhone Mom!”

  1. Steve Sagovac says:

    Great interview guys. Thanks for sharing.
    My girls have 2 of your books on the iPad and enjoy them a lot.

    My wife is also a graphic designer and illustrator, and I am into animation (and trying to teach myself) mobile development.

    Look forward to the next one.

  2. cjkeeme says:

    Thank you Steve. Look for our next interactive storybook to be released in January. It will be a continuation of the Violet series!

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