14 Mar 2011

The Children’s Book Illustration Process

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At My Black Dog Books we work diligently everyday to produce the best in interactive children’s books. Allison Keeme our lead graphic artist and author/illustrator of the Violet series took some awesome images that illustrate her progression through one page of an upcoming Violet adventures, Violet’s Bunny Trouble.

The first step in the process is to hand draw everything on paper in pieces. All the pieces are then scanned into the computer and pieced into Adobe Illustrator. This results in an image that looks something like what you see below:

The next step is to start adding base colors and textures to the image. This allows Allison to start visualizing what the end product will start to feel like.

Allison states, “At this point it’s all about color variation and spreading colors around the page to make the illustration look visually stunning and balanced.”

Now that everything is on a roll Allison says, “It’s now about continuing on filling in all the whites space using the same ideas as above. Since this is the 4th book in the Violet series, I have already chosen many of the character colors, so there is very little backtracking. For the characters that don’t have a color palette I define these colors based on the personality of the drawing and the placement of the character in the image. For instance the girl in purple overalls was a new drawing and I felt the drawing needed bright bold colors as the drawing was fun and playful.”

After everything is done Allison says she checks everything is layered properly in Adobe Illustrator and zooms out to give the finished illustration one last check. She then saves the final image into multiple files based on the interactivity that will be programmed into the book. In this particular page the page will scroll back and fourth, the lamp will turn on and off by touch and many other objects on the screen will be movable while the reader looks for all the hidden Easter eggs.

Here is the entire progress from start to finish (click the image below to scroll faster):

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