16 Mar 2012

iPad 3 compatibility updates on the way!

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The release of the iPad 3 means not only a new screen resolution, but new naming conventions for the programming code. We have learned that universal apps containing iPod/iPhone retina images must update their code to be compatible with the latest iPad programming format. Those apps not updated will not function on the new device. We are working our hardest to get our apps updated ASAP so you can continue to enjoy them on the latest Apple hardware. So please bear with us as we scramble to make the necessary changes!

UPDATE 3/20/2012: All apps are working perfectly on the new iPad.  Thanks for supporting My Black Dog Books!

Only the following myBlackDogBooks Apps will be effected:

– Violet and the Candy Thief

– Violet’s 12 Days of Christmas

– The Body Language of Veronica Sue

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