★★★★★ Violet and the Mysterious Black Dog – Top 15 Interactive Book of 2010!
★★★★★ Chosen by Apple as the #1 “New & Noteworthy” app in the App Store!
★★★★★ Ranked in the Top 4 in the iPad Books category!
★★★★★ Chosen by Apple as a “What’s Hot” title in the App Store

★★★★★ Review from TUAW (AOL News) – “I’m positive that small children will enjoy reading about Violet and her secret identity”
★★★★★ Review from TUAW (AOL News) – “It is sure to become a favorite for small children.”
★★★★★ Review from TUAW (AOL News) – “Allison Keeme has once again done a lovely job of illustrating the world of Violet.”
★★★★★ Review from TUAW (AOL News) – “…this is the best Violet book to date!”

★★★★★ Review from CNET Reviews – “Amazing title. Much as I love the classics, it’s nice to see something modern and new. Great stuff!”
★★★★★ Review from CNET Reviews – “Latest and greatest iPad e-book for kids!”

★★★★★ Review from The iPad Fan – “Violet is a clear front-runner in terms of quality presentation and story. My kids are already asking for more Violet.”
★★★★★ Review from The iPad Fan – “My Black Dog Books really took it to another level with this story and app!”
★★★★★ Review from The iPad Fan – “The developers have put a lot of time and effort into their apps/storybooks and it shows each and every time.”
★★★★★ Review from The iPad Fan – “Amazing interactive storybook apps for kids.”

★★★★★ Review from The iPhone Mom – “Looking forward to more about Violet’s adventures and seeing where the fun character and lively illustrations take us.”
★★★★★ Review from The iPhone Mom – “Keep them coming!”
★★★★★ Review from The iPhone Mom – “It’s a cute and modern take on a Christmas classic.”
★★★★★ Review from The iPhone Mom – “Jeff & Allison have a great background story.”

★★★★★ Review from The Digital Storytime – “Ingeniously interactive storyline!.”

★★★★★ Review from Kirkus Reviews – “…engaging, sometimes laugh-out-loud detective story.”

★★★★★ Review from Yuma Daily Sun – “modern pop-up books.”

★★★★★ Review from iPadAppsHub – “…the future looks very bright for My Black Dog Books. We whole-heartedly recommend Violet for children…”

★★★★★ Review from The iPad Kids – “I like pie! There is another book coming in September. We can’t wait!”