01 Dec 2011

Violet’s 12 Days of Christmas Trailer

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Click the image above to watch the official Violet’s 12 Days of Christmas for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch trailer. Violet is back in her next holiday adventure made exclusively for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!

06 Oct 2011

Violet and the Candy Thief – Now Available!

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Just in time for Halloween a new Violet (aka Phantom Girl) mystery to solve! Help Violet and her faithful companion Phantom Dog solve the mystery of the missing Halloween candy!

When creating this book we took a different route then we have in previous Violet books. We really changed the look and feel of Violet by adding tons of custom Halloween sound effects, changing up the navigation arrows to custom drawn skeleton parts, and creating an overall spooky feel in the book yet still staying kid friendly.
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01 Jul 2011

What’s In Development at MBDB?

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We have been hard at work on several projects in the last few months, but the bulk of our development time has gone to our just released book, Witchemina. This project incorporates all that we have learned in the last year into one totally awesome book. We kind of went a little overboard on this project in terms of features, but we just kept coming up with ideas that we could not say noto. We hope all of our hard-work puts a smile on every child’s face that is able to learn, read, and interactive with our books.

Stay tuned as we have a few more projects actively in development.

Click on the link to view Witchemina in the App Store: View Witchemina in the App Store!

Click on the link to view the Witchemina Official Trailer: Watch the Official Trailer in HD!

15 Jun 2011

Witchemina Trailer

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Click the image above to watch the official Witchemina for the iPad Storybook trailer. Witchemina is a uniquely interactive children’s book made exclusively for the iPad!

15 May 2011

Veronica Sue Trailer

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Click the image above to watch the official Veronica Sue Storybook trailer. Veronica Sue is a uniquely interactive children’s book made exclusively for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

28 Mar 2011

Violet’s Bunny Trouble – Coming Soon

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We have finished the iPad version of the Violet’s Bunny Trouble, the fifth book in the Violet Interactive Storybook Series for Children. Are you ready for a new adventure with Violet aka ‘Phantom Girl’ and her friends! In this special ‘Seek and Find’ addition there are over 50 hidden Easter eggs that you must find throughout the book all the while Phantom Girl and her friends are in search of the class bunny (Mr. Cottontail) who has escaped from his cage.

This Violet storybook will start of as an iPad only app, but will be converted to a universal app in the coming weeks. Violet’s Bunny Trouble will be in the Apple App store starting on April 1st, 2011. If you have any questions please shoot us an email and spread the word so everyone can enjoy the adventures of Violet aka Phantom Girl and her friends.

Here is the cover page of Violet’s Bunny Trouble:

Violet's Bunny Trouble - Cover Page

Violet's Bunny Trouble - Cover Page

14 Mar 2011

The Children’s Book Illustration Process

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At My Black Dog Books we work diligently everyday to produce the best in interactive children’s books. Allison Keeme our lead graphic artist and author/illustrator of the Violet series took some awesome images that illustrate her progression through one page of an upcoming Violet adventures, Violet’s Bunny Trouble.

The first step in the process is to hand draw everything on paper in pieces. All the pieces are then scanned into the computer and pieced into Adobe Illustrator. This results in an image that looks something like what you see below:

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26 Jan 2011

Violet and the Mystery Next Door – Now Available!

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We are putting the final touches on the next in the Violet series, Violet and the Mystery Next Door. Are you ready to continue with Violet (aka Phantom Girl) on her adventures? This book promises to bring even more innovation to the exciting genre of interactive children’s book for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and the Mac computer.

Below is a sneak preview screenshot of the just finished cover page; to see more screenshots visit the ‘Screenshots’ section of our website. Violet and the Mystery Next Door will be in the iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac App Store early February!

03 Jan 2011

Violet is Coming to the Mac App Store!

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The Apple Mac Store is opening on January 6th and Violet will be there right along side. Violet and the Mysterious Black Dog will be the first book in the Violet series available for purchase on the Apple Mac Store with other books in the series to follow.

All apps will have fullscreen support for the Mac and have the same fun interactions that the iPad/iPhone versions have. This will be a great opportunity for those without iPads and iPhones to share in the adventure of Violet on their Mac computer!

For those that don’t already know the Mac App Store will be a place to purchase apps for the Mac. This concept is very similar to the approach the iPad and iPhone have with their respective App Stores.

16 Dec 2010

#1 Interactive Story for Kids

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Apple has handpicked the second interactive storybook in the Violet series as the #1 app for kids! As well as being featured on the front page of both the iPhone and the iPad App Store, Violet and the Mysterious Black Dog has received great feedback from readers, reviewers and Apple Headquarters. This same book was also chosen by Apple has a top 15 interactive children’s books for the entire year of 2010!

Hang in there Violet fans, the fourth book in the series is due to be released in January!